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In 2019, forest owners received EUR 2,307 million in stumpage earnings, decreasing in real terms by 16 per cent down to the 2017 level from the previous peak year. The stumpage earnings statistics of the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) indicate that earnings remained at the same level as the preceding five-year average.

Private non-industrial forest owners and companies whose primary production line is other than wood production accounted for the majority of total earnings, or EUR 2,007 million. Of this amount, private non-industrial forest owners covered roughly 90 per cent. Stumpage earnings of forest industry companies and the state, primarily forests managed by Metsähallitus, totalled EUR 300 million. The proportion of stumpage earnings received from logs decreased from the previous year by three percentage points to 66 per cent. Spruce remained the most important tree species with its proportion of 44 per cent, although it showed a decrease of two percentage points.

The decrease was mainly due to decreases in log felling volumes and their standing sales prices. In 2019, felling volumes of logs decreased by 12 per cent and those of pulpwood by roughly four per cent. In real terms, the standing sales prices for softwood logs decreased by nearly eight per cent, while those for pulpwood remained almost at the level of the previous year.

“Even though earnings decreased from the previous year and the four-year increase came to a stop, this was not a bad year. Compared with the average of the previous ten years, earnings were still ten per cent higher”, says Esa Uotila, research scientist at Luke.

Highest earnings yet again in Savonia and Central Finland

Six regions, Southern Savonia, Central Finland, Northern Savonia, Northern Ostrobothnia, Pirkanmaa and North Karelia, stand out from other regions in terms of stumpage earnings. These regions accounted for clearly more than half of total earnings. Earnings decreased the most in the regions of Southern Savonia (-25 per cent) and Kymenlaakso (-22 per cent), while the decrease was much lower than the average in pulpwood-dominated regions in Northern Finland.

Stumpage earnings as part of the national accounts

Gross stumpage earnings are calculated by multiplying the felling volume by standing sales prices. In addition to the earnings from selling wood, the value of wood sourced for private use by the forest owners is also counted as earnings. Among other things, the gross stumpage earnings statistics are used in calculations for the national accounts and as background information for decision-making in the forest sector. The statistical database of Luke ( includes statistics of stumpage earnings since 1990. Earnings are presented in accordance with the location in which they are generated.