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New graphs that enable a more diverse visual review of basic information on forest protection have been added to Luke’s statistical services.

Photo: Reijo Penttilä/Luke

Protected forests consist of forests in statutory protected areas and biodiversity conservation sites in commercial forests. The new graphs give the surface areas of these protection categories and the corresponding percentages.

The share of protected forests varies in different parts of the country and most protected forests are located in northern Finland. For this reason, a couple of regional graphs were prepared for the statistics page to show the regional variation in protected areas and the share of forest areas protected.

Almost all graphs feature buttons that allow the customer to choose whether to view the total sum of protected forest land and poorly productive forest land, or the two separately.

The graphs in the statistical web service are derived from the related database tables, which enable the even more in-depth analysis of the phenomenon being reviewed. Users can select the variables to be reviewed and flexibly edit the tables and graphs derived from the figures, according to their personal needs. In this way, links to customised database tables and graphs can be saved for future purposes and embedded in the web pages.