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In 2016, the forest industries consumed a total of 67.4 million cubic metres of roundwood, four per cent more than a year earlier and seven per cent above the average over the previous five-year period. The consumption of forest industry by-products, mainly sawmill chips and dust, amounted to 9.3 million cubic metres.

Source: Natural Resources Institute Finland, Forest industries’ wood consumption

“The consumption of domestic roundwood increased by five per cent year-on-year to 58.9 million cubic metres. The amount was the second-highest since 2007,” says Senior Statistician Esa Ylitalo of Natural Resources Institute Finland. The forest industries consumed the same amount of imported roundwood as a year earlier, 8.5 million cubic metres in total.

Chemical pulp industry the main consumer of roundwood

The use of roundwood increased over the previous year in both the wood-products industries and pulp industries. Of the branches of industry, the chemical pulp industry consumed the highest quantity of roundwood, 31.7 million cubic metres (+5% year-on-year). The quantity of domestic roundwood used by the chemical pulp industry, 24.5 million cubic metres, was the highest on record so far.

Source: Natural Resources Institute Finland, Forest industries’ wood consumption

The sawmilling industry consumed 25.4 million cubic metres (+6 %) of roundwood. Of the entire roundwood assortment, pine pulpwood (16.3 million m³) and spruce logs (14.1 million m³) accounted for most of the consumption.

One fifth of roundwood, or 13.3 million cubic metres, were processed in the region of South Karelia. The second and third highest amounts of roundwood were consumed in the regions of Kymenlaakso (7.6 million m³) and Lapland (5.6 million m³).