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Natural Resources Institute Finland and Qvidja Kraft Ab have together taken a major step in bringing environmentally friendly energy to market.

Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) has sold the pending patents for the biomethane reactor it developed to Qvidja Kraft Oy. At the same time, the researchers responsible for the development work transferred to the company´s employment.

The method both stores renewable energy and produces biomethane with a high efficiency ratio. The new technology can help in achieving a carbon-neutral society.

energian_varastointiProfessor Erkki Aura developed the first version of the bioreactor, in which microbes obtained from bogs produce methane and water from carbon dioxide and hydrogen. Anni Alitalo and Marko Niskanen, researchers at Luke, continued the work and succeeded in developing a methane bioreactor, which produces energy as well as stores solar and wind energy and hydropower.

Moreover, the reactor can convert wood gas (synthesis gas) into very pure methane, which, after pressurisation, is readily available as transportation fuel.

“The microbiological method that has been developed is highly scalable and suitable both for centralised and decentralised energy production,” summarises the research team.

The agreement between Qvidja Kraft Ab and Luke is an important opening for Luke in transferring to practice innovations developed through research. During the long period of development, patents have been sought for a number of innovations made.

“Everyone, including the Finnish government, hopes that science and industry will work together to commercialise the innovations. Cooperation is most evident here, says Ilkka Herlin, chairman of the Board of Qvidja Kraft.

“The effectiveness of research lies in the results being commercialised and transferred to enterprises. It is important for Luke that our research creates the prerequisites for a new bioeconomy business,” says President and CEO Mari Walls.

Luke´s scientists will transfer with the transaction to Qvidja Kraft Ab. This will enable the development work to continue. The development of the reactors and new products will be continued and further expanded at Qvidja Kraft.

“I closely followed the innovation of pulled oats, and the path was similar. It requires perseverance, freedom to experiment and make mistakes and bounce research ideas off people in different fields – and a driven desire to put them into practice. We have a revolutionary method for renewable energy and an excellent team,” says Saara Kankaanrinta, who is a founder of Qvidja Kraft and a member of the Board.

Qvidja Kraft Ab is a wood and biogas company which develops renewable energy solutions both at farm level and at industrial-scale level.

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