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Last year, the price paid to fishermen for salmon was around twenty percent higher than in the previous year. The price of farmed rainbow trout increased by more than a third. The higher world market price of salmon even seems to be reflected in the producer prices of domestic fish.

Photo: Erkki Jokikokko, Luke

“One reason for the rise in producer prices was last year’s news about the decline in production in Chile, the world’s second largest salmon producer country, due to toxic algal problems,” says research scientist Leena Forsman of Natural Resources Institute Finland.

Price of Baltic herring unchanged

Baltic herring is Finland’s most important fish species, because the value of the herring catch is many times higher than that of any other species.  The producer price of Baltic herring used for industrial purposes rose slightly from the previous year, but that of herring sold for human consumption decreased slightly. The total price of herring therefore remained unchanged. Only 23 per cent of the total Baltic herring catch in Finland ended up in human consumption. Most sprat trawled in addition to Baltic herring ended up as feed.  The producer price of sprat is usually about equal to that of Baltic herring used for industrial purposes, and this was the case in 2016.

Record price for farmed European whitefish

For the first time ever, producers were paid more than 10 euros per kilo for farmed whitefish. Fishermen got almost 50 per cent less for large wild whitefish, EUR 5.5 per kilo on average. In addition to the fish species, size and quality influence the price paid to producers.