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Luke has announced its proposals for Horizon Europe missions, which have been elaborated in a broad Finnish national bioeconomy stakeholder platform.

Our mission proposals are:

  • Economic growth decoupled from resource depletion by 2030
  • Carbon neutral, resilient and healthy food system by 2035
  • Carbon neutral production and consuming, zero-pollution and zero-waste by 2040

You can find more detailed information on the missions here.

The missions were discussed with EU decision-makers and authorities in a luncheon event on 20 June. Luke’s message was that interdisciplinarity, tax incentives and EU-level regulation are key to the success of mission-based approach.

“Foresight is essential, as the future is made today,” said Luke’s development manager Johanna Kohl.

Also speaking at the event, Johan Stierna from European Commission’s DG Research and Innovation stressed that EU needs an ambitious R&I agenda to remain competitive.

“We need to get business and research committed to the same goals,” Stierna said.

The missions are meant to be a concrete, problem-solving approach to innovation-led growth in the EU. The approach was proposed by Professor Mariana Mazzucato in her report to the European Commission, which was published earlier this year.

Johanna Kohl and Mari Walls horizon europe missions research funding EU
Johanna Kohl (left) presented Luke’s mission proposals together with President and CEO Mari Walls. Photo: Vilma Maukonen.

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