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The statistical e-yearbook of Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) is being published for the second time this year. Published online, the yearbook contains the key statistics of Finland’s food and natural resources in one volume, covering food and agriculture, the forestry sector, and fish and game. The publication is now available in English, as a basis for international discussion.

The yearbook of Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) includes statistics on the structure and production of agriculture in Finland, forestry and the wood trade, fishing and aquaculture. The publication also includes information on prices, profitability and foreign trade. The longest time series date back to the 1920s.


Statistical Yearbook closely linked to the statistics database

Compiled using the statistical database available online at, the e-yearbook is linked to the up-to-date statistics database, which allows users to create their own tables and graphics and save searches. The e-yearbook is available free of charge through the link.

It also provides links to international statistical services in the field. A traditional printed version of the e-yearbook is available for a fee from Luke’s online shop.


Highlights of the publication In 2015

  • Milk production in Finland was at its highest in eleven years and, at 71.5 million kilos, egg production was at its highest since 1995.
  • The value of forest industry products exported by Finland in 2015 amounted to EUR 11.6 billion, and they accounted for 22 per cent of all Finnish goods exports.
  • A total of 200 million kilos of fish were caught and farmed in Finland. One third of all Finnish fish used for human consumption was farmed and one quarter was caught by professional fishermen. Recreational fishermen accounted for 42 per cent.