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As Luke’s Executive Vice President of Research was appointed Luke’s President and CEO, we are looking for a new EVP of research. The EVP of research will be responsible for Luke’s research processes, research goals, and their impact. The EVP of research will prepare Luke’s strategic guidelines for research and financial goals. In addition, the person will build an internationally competitive and ambitious project portfolio and ensure the scientific impact of research.

Required qualifications for the position of the EVP of research include a doctoral degree, the diverse experience required for the position and the ability to lead research activities. The new EVP of research is an experienced leader with strong Finnish and international networks and has diverse knowledge of the field of bioeconomy.

Success in the position requires a strategic vision, broad knowledge of the research field and strong expertise in funding procurement and different financial instruments, both nationally and internationally. The candidate we are looking for has good interaction, presentation and organization skills and an ability to act in a rapidly changing international operating environment.

We provide varied tasks, opportunities to develop, international networks and work with expert colleagues. As the EVP of research, you can work with societally significant themes and develop Luke into one of the leading bioeconomy research institutions in Europe over the next years.

Apply here by 29 October 2018 at 4.00 pm.