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Natural Resources Institute Finland has strengthened its role in bringing up the young researchers. Postdocs have been recruited 15-30 persons annually.

Luke sees postdocs as future makers and offers great possibilities to do interdisciplinary research on topical and important challenges.

Postdoc call this spring – five positions open

We are now searching five new experts to postdoc positions funded by the European Union (H2020), Academy of Finland and Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (Catch the Carbon). All these tasks are connected to climate change and carbon cycle knowledge; four of them belong to forestry and ecosystem service research and one to the corresponding questions in agriculture, especially animal farming.

Read more and apply:

The call for the positions are open until 9 April 2021 at 4.00 p.m. This year other Luke’s Postdoc Calls will be carried out in summer and autumn.

Postdocs in Luke

Luke’s postdoc policy ensures same rights and support for everyone, e.g. each postdoc will have own named scientific supervisor and their possibilities to continue at Luke are equal. Postdoc employments vary between two and four years depending on funding and research topic. A postdoc applicant should have no more than five years since the dissertation.

Anna Stygar ja Timo P. Pitkänen started their work as postdocs in 2018. They tell about their experiences:

– I’m utilizing mathematical modelling with topics related to animal health and welfare. The work is very interesting and quite challenging, but in a good way, never boring. When I began, I thought I have good networks, but they have enlarged hugely in two big EU projects. I feel that my work is important, and I can affect my future career with my own activity. For example, recently I have pitched my research idea in Luke’s strategic funding event LukeLeads, Anna Stygar tells

– I am a forest laser scanning specialist. My competence is quite rare, so I have been involved in several projects and very diverse working fields. I have gained new contacts and learned more of my own area. Luke has clearly invested in postdocs which I think is good. At the moment, I’m working on my third so called option year and I hope to have a possibility to continue even after this, Timo P. Pitkänen says.

Luke’s Early Career Community offers possibilities for networking, peer support and experience enlarging, e.g. making presentations and preparing funding applications. This community is targeted for postdocs and others on their early stage of research career. It We also have an Intercultural Community with both Finnish and foreign actors. Both communities organize professional events and social meetings.