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According to a Farm Structure Survey by the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), some 56% of agricultural and horticultural enterprises use a landline internet connection and around 75% use a mobile connection. 7% do not use the internet at all when managing their farm.

The internet has quickly become a basic tool at farms. Photo: Tapani Kivinen, Luke.

Almost 80% of all farmers have access to a sufficiently fast and reliable internet connection, either a landline or a mobile connection. 16% of farmers are forced to use the internet with an insufficient connection. The largest number of farmers who are not satisfied with the quality of their internet connection can be found in South Savonia, where almost 30% of the agricultural enterprises stated that their connection is insufficient. Also in Central Finland one in every four agricultural enterprises found their internet connection insufficient. In these areas, the smallest number of landline connections and the largest number of mobile connections were used when compared with other areas.

– The internet has quickly become a basic tool at farms. Many errands must already be taken care of online. The importance of a functional connection will be even more pronounced once machinery and devices are connected to the internet, states Pasi Mattila, a Senior Scientist at the Natural Resources Institute Finland.

Advisory and producer organisations are the most important source of information for agricultural and horticultural enterprises

Advisory and producer organisations, trade journals and websites, as well as other farmers and other entrepreneurs in the industry are the three most important sources of information about the operations of a farm. Enterprises are the most important source of information for pig and poultry farms and greenhouse production enterprises.

– At these farms, the production is often based on agreements and the enterprise that buys the produce has a key role in the definition and development of production methods, Mattila explains.

New information about production methods is needed

The farmers were also asked about which sector of their operations they need the most new information. Among the four alternatives provided, the clearly most important was “production methods and technology”, which was selected by more than 40% of the respondents. Around one fourth of the farms wanted more information about the planning of finances and a little over a fifth wanted information about the development of their business operations.  A little over 10% of the farmers considered sales and marketing to be the most important sector.

Background to the statistics

The data on the information received by agricultural and horticultural enterprises and their internet connections was collected in connection with the Farm Structure Survey in winter 2016–2017. The survey aimed at determining how many farms have a sufficient data connection to handle all the errands related to their business. Some 16,000 agricultural and horticultural enterprises participated in the survey. Results of the Farm Structure Survey will be published in several statistics.

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