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According to the statistics of the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), a record-breaking 62.9 million cubic metres of roundwood were harvested for industrial use in 2017. The volume of logs increased by five per cent from the year before, while the volume of pulpwood remained at the previous year’s level.

As a result of an increase in production and export volumes in the forest industry, industrial roundwood removals reached a new record of 62.9 million cubic metres in 2017.

“The total volume of felling was 1.1 million cubic metres or two per cent higher than during the previous year and 17 per cent higher than the average for the preceding ten-year period”, says Elina Mäki-Simola, senior statistician at Luke.

Roundwood was also imported for industrial use. The imported volume of 8.2 million cubic metres was 12 per cent lower than in the previous year.

The majority of roundwood sourced by standing sales from non-industrial forests

The majority of domestic wood for industrial purposes and exports was sourced from non-industrial forests, 51.7 million cubic metres in total.

“A total of 44.1 million cubic metres of timber, four per cent more than in 2016, accumulated from standing sales in non-industrial forests, while the volume of delivery sales decreased by 13 per cent to less than eight million cubic metres”, Mäki-Simola says.

The total volume of roundwood removed for the industrial sector from forestry companies’ own forests and state-owned forests amounted to 11.3 million cubic metres. The figure is five per cent higher than that for the previous year.

Photo: Erkki Oksanen

Highest felling volumes in Savonia and Central Finland

In 2017, the highest felling volumes were reported in the heavily forested regions of Southern and Northern Savonia and Central Finland. The quantity of industrial roundwood felled in Southern Savonia totalled 7.0 million cubic metres, 6.4 in Central Finland, and 6.2 in Northern Savonia.

Logs accounted for 27.2 million cubic metres and pulpwood for 35.7 million cubic metres of the industrial roundwood felling volume. The volume of logs increased by five per cent from the year before, while the volume of pulpwood remained at the 2016 level.

In addition to industrial roundwood, the felling statistics include 5.1 million cubic metres of different species of energy wood. Of this volume, delimbed stems and whole trees accounted for 2.7 million cubic metres, while other energy wood types, i.e. stumps and logging residues, amounted to 2.4 million cubic metres in total.

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