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In 2019, the amount of fish and fish products exported from Finland was 87 million kilos. The volume of exported fish increased by nearly two million kilos from the year before. The value of exports, EUR 163 million, decreased by as much as EUR 18 million.

The decrease in the value of fish exports was due to decrease in the value of exports of fresh whole salmon imported from Norway and re-exported to other European countries from EUR 137 million to EUR 117 million. Exports were little less than 21 million kilos.

“Not including the re-exports of salmon, the export volume of 66 million kilos was four million kilos more than 2018. However, the value of exports decreased by EUR 2 million to EUR 47 million”, says Pentti Moilanen, senior statistician at the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke).

Finland’s most important export products included fresh salmon and rainbow trout, fresh and frozen Baltic herring and sprat, and fish roe and roe products.

The key export countries for fish and fish products were the UK, France, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Denmark and Sweden. 40% of all fresh whole salmon was exported to the UK and France.

Photo: Jukka-Pekka Korpi-Vartiainen, Plugi

The import of fresh whole Norwegian salmon decreased

In 2019, about 100 million kilos of fish and fish products were imported to Finland. Compared to the year before, the import volume decreased by 17 million kilos. Total value of imports decreased by EUR 39 million to EUR 487 million.

The import of fresh whole salmon totalled 40 million kilos, and its value was EUR 235 million. When re-exports are deducted from imports, the amount of fresh whole salmon remaining in Finland was nearly 20 million kilos. This figure was approximately four million kilos lower than in 2018. Fresh salmon and trout were imported from Norway as fillet and other fish products almost four million kilos more than the year before.

The most important import countries for fish and fish products included Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Estonia.

The Statistics of foreign trade in fish also provides monthly statistics. The first monthly statistics comes out 6th of April 2020, providing the preliminary statistics from January 2019.