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Cereal crops are being harvested from Finnish fields. The cereal harvest is estimated to be average at roughly 3.4 million tons. Overall, the cereal harvest is expected to remain 15% below last year’s level.

Barley 1.4 million tons, oats 1.1 million tons, wheat 750,000 tons and rye less than 70,000 tons – these are this year’s estimated crop-specific harvest levels. The yields of all cereal crops will decrease from the previous year, with the rye yield showing the highest relative decrease. The rye harvest will not cover domestic consumption of roughly 100,000 tons, while harvests of other crops will.

Significant annual variation in rye yields

“The estimated rye harvest of less than 70,000 tons will not cover annual domestic consumption. In recent years, rye yields have shown significant annual variation, mainly due to changes in cultivation areas. Last year’s peak harvest level of 183,000 tons was preceded by a low yield of 42,000 tons”, says Anneli Partala, senior statistician at the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke).

The oat harvest will decrease the least

The estimated oat harvest of 1.1 million tons will decrease by a few per cent from the previous year, while being eight per cent higher than the ten-year average. In Finland, oats are grown not only for domestic consumption, but also for exports. One third, or more than 400,000 tons, of last year’s harvest was exported. Similar ratios are expected for this year’s oat harvest.

Pea. (Photo: Erkki Oksanen)

Pea area higher than potato area

The estimated pea area of roughly 64,000 tons will nearly double from the previous year. The peak level is the result of a historically large cultivation area. The pea area will be higher than the potato area for the first time in the over 100-year history of the statistics.

The potato harvest is expected to be average at roughly 650,000 tons. Potato harvest levels show fairly minor annual variation, regardless of the slow decrease in the potato area year after year.

Oilseed and turnip rape harvests to decrease

The oilseed and turnip rape area has decreased in recent years, along with harvest levels. This year’s harvest is expected to be one fifth lower than in the year before, being the lowest in more than 40 years.

Background to the statistics

Luke’s August harvest estimates are based on local estimates supplied by specialists at ProAgria Rural Advisory Centres and reflect the situation on 24 August. The estimates for each municipality are based on visual observations and local knowledge. Cultivation areas are obtained from the data systems of the Finnish Food Authority’s administrative body of rural industries.

The next crop production statistics based on data obtained from farms will be issued on 24 November 2020. The crop production statistics will be expanded and specified to cover regional crop production data. In addition, preliminary data of the crop production statistics estimates the cereal harvest volume in accordance with the Finnish Food Authority’s quality specifications. The final 2020 crop production statistics will be completed in early 2021.