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The grain harvest estimate increased slightly year on year, even with a three percent reduction in acreage. The current crop potential looks good, and the crop expectations for other field crops are also positive at this stage. Significantly higher crop volumes are expected for oilseed rape and broad bean in particular, partly explained by their increased cultivation area.

Photo: Anneli Partala, Luke

“In the main, the beginning of the growing season has been favourable to the growth of field crops. Now, in mid-summer, the harvest outlook remains promising. Naturally, weather conditions during the autumn harvest will determine the volume and quality of the crops” said Senior Statistician Anneli Partala from the Natural Resources Institute Finland.

Oats harvest to increase by 10 percent

Even though the total grain crop estimate largely remains unchanged from last year, changes are expected concerning different cereals. The oats harvest is expected to be ten percent bigger than last year, with an increase of 120 million kilograms compensating for the reduction in the barley harvest of nearly 80 million kilograms. However, at 1.5 billion kilograms the crop estimate for barley remains higher than that for oats at 1.2 billion kilograms.

Self-sufficiency about to be reached in rye?

The rye crop is expected to increase by a fourth year on year, exceeding the limit of a hundred thousand tons, which would cover the domestic demand for rye during a normal year. If realized, Finland’s rye harvest would exceed the level of a hundred thousand tons for the third time during this century.

Growing oilseed rape volumes

The turnip rape and oilseed rape crop volumes may again increase to the average level observed between 2005 and 2011. The oilseed rape cultivation area soared this year, clearly exceeding that of turnip rape. Oilseed rape producing higher yields than turnip rape, their total crop potential exceeds 110 thousand tons, indicating an increase of nearly a quarter year on year.

Sharp rise in broad bean

 For the fourth year running, the broad bean acreage increased by over 20 percent year on year. The crop outlook for the coming autumn follows this trend.

This year, the broad bean acreage exceeded 22,000 hectares, reaching that of potato and making broad bean one of the Finland’s most significant field crop. In Finland, broad bean’s untapped potential as animal fodder and food may continue to increase its acreage significantly.

Background to the statistics

Luke’s July harvest estimates are based on local estimates supplied by experts at ProAgria Rural Advisory Centres and reflects the situation as on 17 July. The estimates for each municipality are based on visual observations and local knowledge. The areas under cultivation are obtained from the data system of the administrative body of rural industries on 17/07/2017.

The next statistics, describing the situation on 18 September, will be published on 22 September 2017.