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After six years of hard work towards better food security in Africa, Luke-coordinated FoodAfrica programme comes to an end this autumn. The programme’s final report and a policy brief were published in a World Food Day Seminar in Helsinki last Wednesday.

FoodAfrica has been a unique programme for development cooperation. Mainly funded byt the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland, the Programme has increased food security in six African countries by multidisciplinary research and capacity building.

The last two years have been dedicated to dissemination and bringing the research-based knowledge in people’s everyday life and political decision making.

FoodAfrica has, for example:

  • trained almost 20,000 farmers in sustainable farming
  • had positive influence on food security of over 300,000 people
  • trained 18 doctoral students and 18 master’s students

Based on the research, the farmers in target markets, for example:

  • decrease the risk of aflatoxin contaminations in maize by 80%
  • multiply milk production and profit by cross-breeding and effective and climate-friendly farming methods
  • get better yields with better nutritional value by improving the soil
  • improve the nutrition of mothers and children by increasing knowledge of local wild foods

Read more about FoodAfrica’s impact on the final report.

FoodAfrica created impact throughout the food value-chain. Image: Tiina Sileoni.

The work of the FoodAfrica programme was targeted at six West- and East-African coutries: Benin, Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Senegal, and Uganda. Its cross-cutting themes included, for example, mitigating and adapting to climate change and improving gender equality in agricultural communities.

In addition to Natural Resources Institute Finland, the partners of FoodAfrica included the University of Helsinki, HAMK University of Applied Sciences, Bioversity International, International Food Policy Research Institute, International Livestock Research Institute, and World Agroforestry Centre.

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