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The first e-yearbook of the statistical services of the Natural Resources Institute Finland brings together comprehensive statistics on Finnish agriculture, the forest sector and the fishing and game industry. The publication is now available in English, facilitating an international discussion.

Launching a new publication series, this e-yearbook of the Natural Resources Institute Finland includes subjects like the structure of agriculture and agricultural production, forest resources and wood trade, and fishing and aquaculture. Data series are available since the 1920s.

The starting points of the online yearbook were digitalised production statistics, free availability and intersectoral dialogue.

Statistics encourage international discussion

Luke’s Director of Statistics Johanna Laiho-Kauranne stresses the principle of open data, emphasising the public availability and usability of Finland’s food and natural resources data – also across language barriers.

“Luke combines agriculture, forestry, fishing and game industry statistics into food and natural resource statistics. We wish to launch an active dialogue around them, also on international level.”

The yearbook reveals that in proportion to its population, Finland has significant biomass reserves and a modern industrial infrastructure where investments into bioeconomy are made.
“It is invaluable that our future statistics focus more on the development of bioeconomy instead of a traditional sector-based approach,” Laiho-Kauranne says emphatically.

More than just a book

The extensive themed articles of an e-yearbook dive into topical issues. Information graphics summarise statistics and link to an online service where readers can access the data behind the graphics.

Compiled based on the online service of the statistical services, the yearbook is connected to an up-to-date statistics database. This enables readers to produce their own statistical tables and graphics and save their search criteria. The publication contains basic user instructions of the statistics database, allowing anyone to easily test the versatile opportunities offered by the database.

The yearbook also includes link to international statistics services within the same field and to the websites of Finnish partners. The e-publication is also available as a high-quality print version, subject to a fee, in Luke’s online store.

Infogaarfi: Sanna Kettunen
Infograph: Sanna Kettunen