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In 2017, the total revenues of fishery industry companies were EUR 959 million, and there were 1,643 companies in the industry, employing 2,498 person-years. Fishing companies accounted for 71% of all fishery industry companies. The sector with the highest revenue and employment was fish processing. Fish processing companies also produced the largest net profit in the industry. Aquaculture companies improved their net result the most.

According to fishery profitability statistics, a total of 1,643 companies operated in the fishery industry in 2017. The statistics concern companies that operate in sectors of commercial marine fishing, aquaculture, fish processing, fish wholesale and retail. So far, the statistics do not include fishing companies operating in inland waters.

“The majority of the fishery industry companies in the industry (71%) were fishing companies. Fish trade and fish processing are very centralised, meaning that the ten largest companies produce clearly more than 80% of the total revenue in these sectors. In addition, the top ten aquaculture companies accounted for more than half of the total revenue”, says Markku Kärnä, research scientist at the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke).

The total revenue of the fishery industry amounted to EUR 959 million, an increase of 6% from 2016. Fish processing and fish trade accounted for nearly 90% of the total revenue.   Fish processing companies increased their revenue by 13% and produced the highest revenue at EUR 354 million.

The fishing industry provided 2,498 person-years of employment, remaining unchanged from the previous year. Fish processing provided the most employment: 30% of the entire industry. Fish wholesale and retail accounted for 45% combined.

The net result of the fishery industry was positive in all sectors. The largest net profit, EUR 8.8 million, was made in fish processing. Aquaculture companies reached nearly similar result, multiplying their net result from 2016.

Fishery revenues (EUR million) per sector in real terms in 2008–2017.

Information in EconomyDoctor and

Financial indicators of fishery industry companies are published in Luke’s EconomyDoctor and statistical database Financial indicators for 2008–2017 are available in Finnish, Swedish and English. The companies’ financial indicators can be viewed for processing and fish trade by company size, for aquaculture by production technique and for commercial marine fishing by vessel segment.