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The Natural Resources Institute Finland Luke has published a new leaflet, Finland’s forests 2017, based on the pan-European FOREST EUROPE Criteria and Indicators of Sustainable Forest Management (SFM).

– The Finland’s Forests 2017 leaflet compiles a set of headline indicators that communicate the concept of  Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) to a large public. The presented indicators aim at bringing the socio-economic, ecological, and cultural aspect of SFM in a balanced way in an compact format, says Research Scientist Markus Lier (Luke).

The FOREST EUROPE Criteria and Indicators are an established instrument for assessing and monitoring SFM. Criteria and Indicators are used in the preparation and monitoring of forest policies and strategies, reporting on the condition of forests, setting the direction of forest management, publishing information about forests and forestry to political decision makers and other interested parties, and forest certification. The headline indicators used in Finland’s forest 2017 leaflet do not imply that the FOREST EUROPE indicators not mentioned in the leaflet are not important.

– Luke is in charge of the National Forest Inventory that produces key parts of the Finnish forest data for the FOREST EUROPE Process, says Kari T. Korhonen, Leader of the National Forest Inventory.

– In addition, Luke is active in the FOREST EUROPE expert group on implementation of updated pan-European indicators for SFM.

The new Finland’s Forests 2017 leaflet will be presented at the FAO Global Forest Resource Assesment 2020 Expert Consultation in Joensuu (Finland) on June 12–16.