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Key forest statistics will soon be available in a single book. The book entitled ‘Finnish forest statistics’ contains key statistics of the entire forest sector in 2017, ranging from forest resources to exports of forest industry products and international forest statistics. The book is now available online free of charge.

The publication contains key statistics of the entire forest sector to year 2017. The online version of the book is directly linked to the statistics database. You can access the database through links added to the tables in the online book. The tables on which data is not available in Luke’s database are available as Excel-files.

Featuring new tables, the book supplements the statistics database of the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke). The book includes a concise package of the most recent forest resource statistics and key international forest statistics, and much more. In addition to tables and texts, the book is illustrated by Luke’s diverse information graphics.

The book is available in two languages, in Finnish and in English. The price of the 189-page book is EUR 48 + postage.

Order your book from Luke’s online book web shop.

Main chapters

  1. Forest resources
  2. Forest protection and biodiversity
  3. Silviculture
  4. Roundwood trade
  5. Roundwood removals and drain
  6. Profitability in non-industrial, private forestry
  7. Forest sector labour force
  8. Forest industries’ wood consumption
  9. Wood in energy generation
  10. Forest industry
  11. Foreign trade by forest industries
  12. Forest sector in Finland’s national economy
  13. International forest statistics

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