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The H2020 project DIABOLO was invited to the European Commission workshop on “Climate Action in Agriculture and Forestry” to present its contribution to climate-smart land-use policy and best practices.

DIABOLO originates from the collaboration of European National Forest Inventory Network (ENFIN) carried out since 2003 on harmonization of forest inventory methods. As a consortium of 33 partners from 25 countries and as many national forest inventories (NFIs) DIABOLO aims at producing information for bioeconomy policies and future post-fossil alternatives from European to local levels.

First, DIABOLO will harmonise and enhance estimation of European forest-based biomass supply and carbon pools to support greenhouse gas reporting and identification of mitigation potential. Second, DIABOLO will integrate remote sensing and field data for faster mapping of forest disturbances in Europe and promoting biomass mobilization in local scale. The results will benefit all EU member countries on regional, national and European level.

DIABOLO – Distributed, Integrated and Harmonised Forest Information for Bioeconomy Outlooks. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 633464. Project duration: 1.3.2015–28.2.2019. Coordinator: Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke).


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