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The forestry statistics package of the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) is expanding. New sectors include forest biodiversity, harvesting and long-distance transportation of roundwood, forest sector labour force, energy produced by different methods, and the forest industries.

“The information is based on figures published by the Finnish Forest Centre, Ministry of the Environment, Metsäteho Oy, the Bioenergy Association of Finland, Finnish Forest Industries Federation, Finnish Sawmills Association and Statistics Finland. Each new sector has its own homepage in Luke’s online statistical services under the menu “Other” in forest statistics,” says Research Scientist Eeva Vaahtera of Luke.

Forest biodiversity data estimates the number of threatened species and the quality of nature management in privately owned forests. The latest assessment of threatened species in Finland was published in 2010. The assessment included a total of 21,398 species, of which 2,247 in total were assessed as threatened.

Harvesting and long-distance transportation of roundwood contains data about timber harvesting by shareholders in Metsäteho Oy and long-distance transportation of roundwood performances and costs. The average unit cost of industrial roundwood harvesting and long-distance transport in 2016 amounted to EUR 21.80 per cubic metre.

Forest sector labour force data is based on an employment survey conducted by Statistics Finland. In 2015, the forest sector labour force totalled 70,000, of which 65,000 were employed and 5,000 unemployed.

The Energy section includes information on peat production, consumption and foreign trade, greenhouse gas emissions and removals, as well as energy consumption. Wood fuels accounted for 26 per cent of the total energy consumption. In 2016, total energy consumption came to 370.9 TWh.

The forest industries homepage provides information about forest industry production and investments. In 2016, the production of sawn goods totalled 11.4 million cubic metres, that of wood pulp 10.9 million tonnes, and paper and cardboard 10.1 million tonnes. Forest industry turnover amounted to EUR 25.5 billion in 2015.