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According to the preliminary information published now, advisory and producer organisations, professional magazines and Internet sites plus other farmers and entrepreneurs in the sector are the three most important sources of professional information related to the workings of the farm.

Advisory and producer organisations were listed as the key source of information by 37 per cent of agricultural and horticultural enterprises.  For every third farm, professional magazines and Internet sites were the most important source of professional information while 15 per cent of farms named other farmers and other entrepreneurs in the sector instead.  Farmers chose the three most important ones, in order of importance, from eight options.

New knowledge is required about production methods

Farms were also asked to specify the part of the farm’s operations in which the need for new information is highest. Out of the four options, production methods and production technology was clearly the most important, selected by more than 40 per cent of respondents. For approximately a quarter of the farms, most new information is required for economic planning and for more than one fifth, for business development.  Over ten per cent of the farms chose sales and marketing as the key sector.

Mobile Internet connections more common than fixed ones

Of agricultural and horticultural enterprises, 56 per cent use a fixed Internet connection, while 76 per cent of farms use a mobile one. Fixed network users are clearly more satisfied with the functionality of the network than mobile Internet connection users. Of the latter, around one in five reported that the speed and reliability of the connection are not sufficient. Only less than ten per cent were dissatisfied with the functionality of a fixed Internet connection.

Nearly 80 per cent of farms have sufficient Internet access (fixed and / or mobile), but on 16 per cent of farms the quality and speed of the Internet connection is inadequate to meet the farm’s needs. Seven per cent of the farms do not use the Internet at all in managing their farm.

Background to the statistics

Information about the sources of information and internet connections of agricultural and horticultural enterprises was collected in connection with data collection for the farm structure survey in winter 2016–2017. Approximately 16,000 agricultural and horticultural enterprises participated in the survey. Results of the survey are published in several separate statistics.

The figures presented here are provisional. The final information will be published in spring 2018.