The most important outdoor vegetables are peas, carrots and other root vegetables and different varieties of cabbage, onion and lettuce.

Luke conducts research and development activities on vegetable production methods and the quality of produce. The goal is to contribute to the quality of vegetables offered to the Finnish consumer. Additionally, solutions are being sought to challenges within the production chain. These include the efficient use of production input, taking advantage of residues and the reorganisation of business operations. Organic vegetable production methods are also being further developed.

Photo: Tapio Tuomela

The results of research on the production of outdoor vegetables are primarily deployed by Finnish vegetable producers, vegetable processors and other businesses in the field.

Plant protection for outdoor vegetables is an important research area. Luke is involved in the development of integrated and organic plant protection methods for agricultural use.

Photo on top of the page: Terhi Suojala-Ahlfors

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