Just like many other industries, Finland’s forest and wood products industry has suffered from the economic downturn of recent years. The industry has, however, begun to grow again thanks to the rise of bioeconomy and strategic decisions to change the production alignments. Demand driven investment boom has boost the growth in pulp and cartonboard industries and wood products industries can benefit from the demand growth of environmentally friendly construction materials. However, a challenge for wood products industry in bioeconomy is to develop new products, services, marketing techniques, and business models.

The Natural Resources Institute Finland analyses global trends of the forest and wood products industry’s operating environment and also examines the short term development of the market to contribute the annually published “Finnish Forest Sector Economic Outlook”. The Finnish sawmill and plywood industry competes on the global market, producers of wood products mostly in Finland. The Natural Resources Institute Finland’s market reviews also cover areas outside Europe: Asia and North Africa.

Changes in the demand for wood products are analysed by studying consumers’ preferences and by evaluating their future development. New competitive strategies for small businesses in the industry are being explored through service and business development. Opportunities presented by cleantech cooperation are being examined in order to find new business models.

The Natural Resources Institute Finland’s analyses help to evaluate the changes in market and take advantage of new bioeconomy market and business opportunities. The information is useful for the whole industry as well as individual businesses, and it also contributes to the drafting and follow-up of policies that promote the development of a bioeconomy-based society.

Picture on top of the page: Henrik Heräjärvi, University of Eastern Finland

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