New non-destructive techniques are gaining ground in the measuring of timber and wood products. Various techniques that produce three-dimensional information and new efficient ways to interpret digital images to provide more accurate measurement data are studied.

Generated 3D model of wood chip load for volume estimation. Photo: Jukka Antikainen, Luke.

The Natural Resources Institute Finland studies and develops measuring techniques that are used as the basis for timber trade and contracts. One of the Institute’s statutory duties is to issue regulations on the conversion factors to be used when measuring timber, such as the coefficients for converting weight to volume.

The Natural Resources Institute Finland explores new optical measuring techniques for timber and wood products.  New optical techniques now provide more accurate information about factors such as the shape and volume of logs and the volumes of wood chip loads and piles. The results are used by both measuring equipment manufacturers and forestry businesses.

Picture on top of the page: Erkki Oksanen, Luke.