Wood makes an excellent material for construction and interior applications. Wood is an environmentally friendly, renewable material, wooden structures are durable and lightweight, building with wood is quick, and it provides good value for money. More than 80% of wood products are used in construction. The remaining 20% are used in interiors and furniture, vehicles and modes of transportation, as well as various utensils and ornaments.

Wood material, indoor air, markets – a large pool of scientifically proven knowledge

The Natural Resources Institute Finland provides information about the properties of wood-based materials and products and their suitability for different purposes. The data are used, for example, in designing the products of wood processing industries, such as glued laminated timber and engineered wood products, finding new ecological wood modification and preservation methods, and optimizing the sawmill-drying-woodworking chain.

Vaneritukkia otetaan vastaan. Kuva: Erkki Verkasalo, Luke.
Photo: Erkki Verkasalo, Luke.

The Natural Resources Institute Finland studies the suitability of wood raw materials for different end uses on the basis of technical performance and economic competitiveness, and examines the associated value chains and business networks. Utilization of wood materials in construction and interiors are studied in cooperation with experts of building and design respectively. Here, sustainability, life cycle and environmental performance of the products are taken into account.

Research and development calls for insight from stakeholders

Business enterprises among the wood products industries use the knowledge from the Natural Resources Institute Finland to plan their market, customer, product, and investment strategies, in steering their product and technology development, and in sourcing their raw materials. Education and research into the quality of timber promotes the financial viability of forest owners and SMEs of wood products cluster.

More efficient use of by-products and ecologically aware management of material flows are important determinants of image and economic success in the bioeconomy for wood products industries, while the aim of society is toward minimum waste accumulation and maximum recycling. Research into the quality and usability of wood raw materials supports the development of forest management and wood procurement methods and forestry programmes. It is vital when wood products industries make their decisions about the location of production facilities and the organisation of wood procurement.

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