High-quality timber and favourable properties of wood products are the foundation of the Finnish wood products industries’ competitiveness.

The wood products industries employ directly 30,000 people in Finland, and considerably more when the indirect impacts of the industries are taken into account. Their turnover amounts to EUR 7–8 billion per year, accounting for more than 70% of the  stumpage earnings of forest owners. The wood products industries generate a considerable amount of income for regional and local economies, and they represent 4–6% of our country’s export revenue.

The Natural Resources Institute Finland studies and promotes the availability of timber, and the properties and suitability of wood for different uses. Research on the market and business of wood products is aimed at identifying new markets, customer groups and their needs, developing of products, services and their combinations, and mirroring the demand forecasts on the product strategies and raw material needs of enterprises in the wood products cluster.

Improvements in the properties of raw materials and resultant wood products and enhancement of resource efficiency help to boost the competitiveness of enterprises and keep production technology up to date. Questions about life cycle, environmental performance, health and safety, as well as the associated standards and regulations in construction and housing are important areas of research. By-products of the wood products industries and alternatives of their utilization constitute one of the areas of bioenergy and biorefinery research and development at the Natural Resources Institute Finland as well.

Picture on top of the page: Erkki Oksanen, Luke.

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