The Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) publishes national seed harvest forecasts for pine, spruce and birch.

The flowering and seed harvest forecasts particularly support decision-making concerning forest regeneration and seed supply. The data provided by the forecasts can also be useful, for example, when selecting the appropriate forest regeneration method. The forecasts also provide forest owners with better opportunities to time their regeneration fellings and soil treatment to a period when a plentiful and good quality seed harvest is ready for extraction.

In addition to forestry operators, people suffering from pollen allergies are also interested in the birch flowering forecasts. The volume of male catkins in trees provides an overall view of what kind of birch pollination season can be expected in the spring. This information helps, for example, pollen allergy sufferers, the pharmaceutical industry and pharmacies to prepare for the upcoming pollination period.

Forecasting of the flowering and seed harvests of coniferous trees involves several stages. The process makes use of both modelling and field seed-harvest measurements made over a period of several decades.

Picture on top of the page: Erkki Oksanen, Luke

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