The globally operating Finnish forest bioeconomy needs up-to-date information about the forest sectors in Russia and Eastern European countries to support decision-making. These countries are increasingly important competitors and investment targets for Finland, but also a growing market area for expertise and products. The Natural Resources Institute Finland’s web services provide processed information, focusing on the main topics of the forestry sector in these countries.

The information service for Russian forestry,, provides topical information about the state and development of forest bioeconomy in Russia. Weekly updated news offer users an easy way to stay up-to-date with the development. The service also includes related publications and seminar. The service was established in 2003 to meet the growing information need on Russian forest sector. A parallel site in Russian language,, was established to support cross-border cooperation between Finland and Russia in the field of forest bioeconomy.

The Eastern European information service produces concise information about the forest sectors of the Baltic and Eastern European countries with significant forest resources. The service includes a short description of the forest resources, forest industry, forest legislation and the use and management of forests in Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine.


Services developed on the basis of research data

Luke produces up-to-date information about the state and development of forest bioeconomy in Russia and Eastern European countries with the most significant forest resources. Research focuses on forest policy, the availability and procurement of raw material for various purposes and sustainable forestry and bioenergy.

Research results are updated in the web services along with the information from international and national sources.

Services are intended to support the internationalisation and networking of Finnish companies and organisations. The aim is to assist Finnish forest bioeconomy professionals and companies in finding business opportunities and new markets, not forgetting the monitoring of competitors. Customised additional services are available on request.

The establishment of information services has been supported by the European Neighbourhood programme (Interreg III A Karjala, Euregio Karelia), the European Regional Development Fund and the European Social Fund: