The National Forest Inventory (NFI) produces a time series on the status of Finnish forests, the oldest inventories of which date back to the 1920s. This page compiles a number of key trends. The examples constitute only part of the extensive data content of the NFI. More comprehensive information can be found on the website of Luke’s Statistical Service and in the publications of the results of the NFL.

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Developments in forestry land since the 1920s, calculated from the area of present-day Finland.

Usage restrictions on forestry land and forest land.


Average volume of decayed wood (m3/ha) in Southern Finland, Northern Finland and the whole of the country.

Volume of forest resources (million cubic metres) broken down by tree species between 1921 and 2013.


Volume of dead wood suitable as firewood (million cubic metres) since the 1930s.


Percentages of the different age groups of the forest land in Southern and Northern Finland


The annual growth of and drain on trees (felling and death due to natural causes.)

Picture on top of the page: Erkki Oksanen, Luke.
Infographics: VMI group and Jouni Hyvärinen, Luke.