National Forest Inventory (NFI) produces detailed information covering large areas, such as provinces. The NFI inventories are based on field plot data and other background information. Combining field plot data and satellite images allows information on forest resources to be presented as detailed forest resource maps and tables specific to each municipality. This method is called the multi-source national forest inventory (MS-NFI).

Forest resource maps with multiple uses

The Natural Resources Institute Finland produces forest resource maps covering the entire country as well as statistics specific to each municipality, which are compiled at two-year intervals. The latest MS-NFI data set was completed in 2019, and it is describes the situation in 2017.

puulajitilavuusForest resource maps show the overall regional characters of forests and local variations. This information can be used to plan the different potential uses of forests. Forest resource maps can also be used in local forest planning. Researchers use the information, for example, to plan forest conservation measures and to assess the risk of forest damage in a given area. Businesses, such as forest industry operators, can use the information to plan their wood procurement. More information on the methods used to produce the maps and the municipality
statistics can be found from the report describing production of the MS-NFI 2015.

All forest resource maps and municipal statistics are public. The various thematic maps can be browsed via the Paikkatietoikkuna geographical information service. For analytical purposes, forest resource maps can also be downloaded in a numerical format from the Natural Resources Institute Finland’s map service. A report is published every time forest resource maps and municipal statistics are compiled, which contains the statistics and detailed information about the methodology and data used for the  MS-NFI. The municipal statistics of 2017  as well as all the past MS-NFI municipal statistics are available in Excel format.

Picture on top of the page: USGS/Nasa Landsat