The Natural Resources Institute Finland produces estimates of the production and utilisation potential of forests for forestry operators. The estimates are based on the use of a large-scale forest planning system MELA with the National Forest Inventory data.

The aim is to produce more versatile estimates of how forests can be used sustainably for different purposes, such as for traditional forestry products (logs and fibre), for biorefineries, and, in the future, for other ecosystem services. Ecological and social sustainability have so far been able to take into account in calculations mainly by incorporating restrictions for wood production.
hakkuumahdollisuudet-enThe largest volume of sustainable felling removal of stem wood  is approximately 81 million cubic metres per year during the period of 2011–2020. The forest industry used an annual average of 56 million cubic metres of timber (logs and pulpwood) in 2013–2014. Stem wood is also used as wood chips and fuelwood at households; this volume amounts to approximately nine million cubic metres.
Felling could be increased sustainably, particularly in Central and Northern Finland.The felling possibility estimateswith associated quality reports are available in the internet via  MELA Summary reports.
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