The State of Europe’s forest 2020 report displays trends on forests and forestry from 1990 to 2020.

The State of Europe’s forest 2020 report was presented at the 8th FOREST EUROPE Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe, on 14–15.4.2021. The State of Europe’s forests 2020 report “provides comprehensive information on the status and trends in forests and forestry … based on the pan-European criteria for sustainable forest management” (Forest Europe 2020). National correspondents and their colleagues from 40 countries provided data and information on qualitative and quantitative indicators for sustainable forest management. Over 80 scientists and experts contributed to the fifth edition of the State of Europe’s Forests report under the lead of the FOREST EUROPE Liaison Unit Bratislava.

Forest in FOREST EUROPE countries, in EU-28 countries and in Finland

The Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) has prepared in co-operation with FOREST EUROPE a set of infographics that show Finland’s forests in a European context demonstrated with selected indicators, including the following extracts:

  • Forest area (2020): In FOREST EUROPE countries 227.4 million ha (or 34.8%), in EU-28 countries 161.4 million ha, in Finland 22.8 million ha
  • Growing stock (2020): In FOREST EUROPE countries 34 983 million m3, in EU-28 countries 26 470 million m3, in Finland 2 449 million m3
  • Annual increment and harvests (2015): In FOREST EUROPE countries 73%, in EU-28 countries 75%, in Finland 80% of the net annual increment were harvested
  • Protected forests for protecting biodiversity and protection of landscapes and specific natural elements (2015): In FOREST EUROPE countries 49 million ha, in EU-28 countries 40 million ha, in Finland 3.7 million ha
  • Area of forest undisturbed by man (2020): In FOREST EUROPE countries 4.7 million ha, in EU-28 countries 3.6 million ha, in Finland 203 thousand ha
  • Private forest ownership (2015): In FOREST EUROPE countries 89.9 million ha, in EU-28 countries 87.8 million ha, in Finland 15.4 million ha
  • For more information on other indicators: LINK to the infographics

The role of forest related data and information providers

The Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) has reported forest related data and information regularly to UNECE/FAO and the FOREST EUROPE process since 1990’s. For Finland, the original data sources are the NFI (National Forest Inventory) and Forestry Statistics for most of the reporting tables. The long-time data series enable to present changes (and emerging issues) over a long period.