Food security is achieved when all people have access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food at all times, and are thereby able to maintain healthy and active lives. The Natural Resources Institute Finland participates in the development of agriculture and food processing in developing countries.

According to the FAO, more than 795 million people suffer from hunger worldwide due to inadequate food security. Moreover, it is likely that many times more lack access to safe food. The consequences of food insecurity vary from food poisoning to congenital symptoms caused by deficiencies and contaminants, or chronic diseases that appear later in life.

Food security is being developed in collaboration with local and international universities, research institutes, advisory organisations, the authorities and farmers. Another focus of research cooperation aimed at the development of the food sector is to increase the local capacity to sustain progress as far as possible, even after individual projects have ended.

Sufficient safe food could be provided for all, if all stages of the food chain functioned smoothly in both developing and industrialised countries.

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