In terms of volume and the value of the catch, vendace is the most important fish caught by professional fishermen in inland waters. The annual catch has amounted to 2.5–2.8 million kilograms in the last 10 years.

According to the Natural Resources Institute Finland’s latest vendace inventory, the number of vendace born in the spring of 2015 that reached a marketable size was higher than average, and only in Eastern Finland were vendace populations below the average.

Great variations in abundance are typical of vendace. These variations are caused, among other reasons, by competition for food within a population as well as unfavourable environmental or weather conditions. Strong winds and cold weather shortly after the hatching of vendace fry in the spring are especially damaging on the feeding and survival of the fish.

Population inventories and fish resources management
Data on the relative abundance of vendace populations are collected from more than 100 fishermen and researchers every year using questionnaires in late winter. The aim is to form annual overviews of Finland’s vendace populations and to forecast their development. The objective of population inventories is to produce information that can be used to manage fishing and fish resources and to promote the bioeconomy and sustainable use of natural resources.