The Tana Monitoring and Research Group was formally appointed in 2010 based on a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by Norway and Finland. A revised MoU was signed in December 2017 based on the Agreement between Norway and Finland on the Fisheries in the Tana/Teno Watercourse.

Both the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in Finland and the Ministry of Climate and Environment in Norway appoint two members to the Group. Currently the Group members are, from Finland, Research Professor Jaakko Erkinaro and Research Scientist Panu Orell from Finland, and Research Scientist Morten Falkegård (Chair) and Research Scientist Anders Foldvik from Norway.

The mandate of the MRG is:

  1. Deliver annual reports within given deadlines on the status of the salmon stocks, including trends in stock development.
  2. Evaluate the management of stocks in light of relevant guidelines provided by the North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organization (NASCO).
  3. Integrate local and traditional knowledge of the stocks in their evaluations.
  4. Identify gaps in knowledge and give advice on relevant monitoring and research.
  5. Give scientific advice on specific questions from management authorities.

Reports on salmon stock status

One of the key duties of the Group is to deliver reports on the status of the Teno salmon stocks on annual basis. The reports include assessments of the status and development of the Teno salmon populations, especially in relation to the established spawning targets. The reports also include information on the main monitoring programmes and their results.

The reports are published in English, and they are translated to Finnish and Sami.

The short address to this website is:

Photo: Panu Orell, Luke

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