Fish is farmed both for food and stocking into natural waters. Luke performs research on and develops both targets of fish farming.

Almost 95 per cent of the fish farmed for food in Finland is rainbow trout. Domestic, farmed fish is a healthy and safe choice for the consumer. According to recommendations, people should consume a variety of fish, combining both farmed and naturally caught fish.

Food production is largely based on the egg production of selectively bred fish. Luke maintains and develops breeding programmes for rainbow trout and European whitefish. Selective breeding produces high-quality rearing material – egg, fry and broodfish – for fish farming. More than 80 per cent of domestic rainbow trout retailed in Finland originates in Luke’s breeding programmes.

New, key research areas of the Natural Resources Institute Finland include farming fish for food in recirculating aquaculture systems and offshore cages. Luke also focuses on research on new types of fish feed and new farming species, in order to diversify food fish production.

Work on the preservation of endangered fish species

The stocking of fish is carried out using eggs obtained from the parent fish of endangered species or species in decline, or eggs from natural broodfish stocks and the juveniles of various ages reared from such eggs. Luke’s broodfish production helps to maintain endangered fish species and stocks and makes eggs available for further rearing and stocking.

The success rate of juvenile fish is investigated by using markings and rearing methods are developed. Luke also produces statistical data on aquaculture and stocking.

Data is required by the fish farming industry, fishery and environmental authorities, organisations which own and manage fishing waters, consumers and recreational anglers. It can be used to develop farming methods, improve the profitability of business and stocking, enhance the management of environmental impacts, and improve the status of fish stocks and catches.

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