The Ruotsinkylä research forest is situated in the vicinity of the Helsinki metropolitan area. Research focus areas include exotic tree species, the adaptation of silver birch to climate change, the spread of root rot, the seed yield of domestic tree species and issues related to forest tree breeding.

morko_kurkkii_200x200‘Raitio Trail’ for forest education

The 2-km ‘Raitio Trail’ for forest education provides a diverse introduction to the sustainable use and management of forests and forest nature. It is ideal for schoolchildren and other hikers interested in forests.

The mobile exercises for the trail are posted in QR codes on the information boards along the route (updated in 2015). Use the QR codes to download exercises to your mobile phone. The answers are in the forest around you. Instructions for teachers are available on the Finnish Forest Association’s Teach and learn website.

Ruotsinkylä has been a research base since 1923. The research area comprises approximately 1,200 hectares of land. A field station operated in the area from 1949 to 2012.

Directions for Ruotsinkylä

The Raitio Trail is situated along the Tuusula motorway, 25 km from Helsinki and 10 km from Tikkurila. Drive along the old Tuusulantie road and turn onto Korsontie road. The Raitio Trail begins immediately after the crossing on the left hand side.

Picture on top of the page: Erkki Oksanen, Luke