Punkaharju research forests are mainly located in the Punkaharju area in the municipality of Savonlinna. Research focuses in particular on the growth and cultivation of exotic tree species, the provenances of coniferous trees and the impact of climatic change on them, and the genetic diversity of forest trees.

The Laukansaari research park is the core area of the research forests. Most of the trials for research purposes and the hiking trails in the area are located there. The Kokonharju nature trail and the approximately seven-hectare arboretum adjacent to the research park are ideal destinations for visitors.

Arboretum and Kokonharju nature trail

The arboretum was established in the 1930s as a sample site for anyone interested in the cultivation of exotic tree species. It facilitated the study of these species’ characteristics and whether they were able to manage in Finnish climate conditions. Today, the arboretum features more than 100 tree species, subspecies of certain species, hybrids of species and several special forms of domestic forest trees.

Visitors can admire Finland’s tallest examples of several tree species along the Kokonharju Nature Trail (3 km). The trail passes a European larch stand, planted 140 years ago. The trees on this stand are higher on average than on any other stand in Finland. Starting in the parking area of an old school, the trail is signposted in yellow.

Further information on forest research in Punkaharju is available in the OpenForest portal at Openmetsa.fi

Kuva: Erkki Oksanen
Photo: Erkki Oksanen, Luke.

Research park and arboretums in the vicinity of the local Luke office

The research park and arboretums are situated in the vicinity of the local Luke office, to the north of highway 14. The area borders on the Punkaharju Nature Reserve. Enquiries for a guided tour are welcome from groups of forest professionals. Please contact the Luke office in Punkaharju. The Finnish Forest Museum Lusto also arranges guided tours of the arboretum.

Click on the link to open a map. On its left column, click on ‘Punkaharjun tutkimusalue’ to see the location of the forest https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=zazZF8xqk6hc.kkGH8lEGW4jc

Picture on top of the page: Erkki Oksanen, Luke