The Kukkola arboretum, also known as Antti’s Arboretum, is situated in Joensuu. This arboretum specialises in variants or special forms of tree species indigenous to Finland.

At present, the arboretum has over 50 species of trees adapted to local conditions, or variants or special forms of such trees. There are a total of 443 trees from 14 families, on an area of approximately 1.5 hectares.

Photo: Merja Lindroos, Luke.
Photo: Merja Lindroos, Luke.

Nature laboratory close to the city

Luke established the arboretum together with the North Karelia Agriculture Foundation in 1992–1997.  The arboretum was named after the statesman, provost Antti Kukkonen, who lived on the farm. Luke uses the Kukkola farm for research, testing, training and educational purposes.

In addition to the arboretum, the farm features a home museum, a stone cowshed converted into meeting facilities, a forest theatre, a sample garden and a memorial to Antti Kukkonen. The farm is now owned by the North Karelia Agriculture Foundation.

The arboretum is open to visitors free of charge.  A map (pdf 164 KB) of the arboretum is available for downloading on-line.

Address: Vanha Valtatie 70, Joensuu.

Picture on top of the page: Merja Lindroos, Luke.