Ferraria Slope in Jokioinen is a park that showcases the diversity and cultivation history of Finnish fruit and berry plants. The best way to explore the garden is by taste.

For example, visitors can learn about differences in the thickness of the peel, and the sweetness, bitterness and flavour of blackcurrants from different strains. Tasting reveals not just differences but also your own preferences.

Ferraria2008 eila_salo_luke
Blackberry. (Photo: Eila Salo / Luke)

It is hoped that the park will increase citizens’ understanding of the diversity of berry and fruit plants, and the importance of conservation and cultivation. Many people have old fruit trees and berry bushes in their gardens, which also have their own local cultural history. Knowledge of diversity encourages people to examine the plants in their own gardens more closely, and to compare them to those available in shops or to their neighbours’ strains.

Ferraria Slope is a wonderful destination for school groups and anyone interested in edible berries and fruits. The park is open to the public throughout the year, and admission is free.

Address: Vaulammintie 10, 31600 Jokioinen, Finland

Photo on top of the page: Ulla Ramstadius