Elonkierto is an agricultural exhibition park of the Natural Resources Institute Finland in Jokioinen, which showcases natural resources research and applications. Elonkierto provides opportunities to learn how humans and nature work together and how research is applied in practice.

Visitors get to meet rare Finncattle cows and calves. Cultivations and signs introduce visitors to the world of fields. Elonkierto also has cereal crops, herbs and meadow flowers. The environmental impacts of cultivation and climate change are also in evidence.

Elonkierto is open every day from the beginning of June until mid-September. Admission is free between 6.00 am and 11.00 pm.

Kuva: Tapio Tuomela / Luken arkisto
Photo: Tapio Tuomela

Elonkierto can be explored independently along a two-kilometre trail. Groups can book a guide for a fee. The guided tour takes approximately 90 minutes.

To book a guide, contact Anneli Nuoranne, anneli.nuoranne@luke.fi.

Elonkierto provides a refreshing learning environment for school groups. Guided tours for school groups are available from August until mid-September. Guided tours for school groups are free of charge. The country’s leading experts take visitors on free thematic tours to showcase current issues related to natural resources. Elonkierto’s nature club provides unforgettable experiences in nature and fun activities for children. The summer season culminates in the children’s agricultural exhibition Mansikki.

Address: Ojaistentie 44, 31600 Jokioinen, Finland


Photo at the top of the page: Tapio Tuomela