Arboretum Yltöinen is a research facility and gene bank for Finnish and foreign species of trees and bushes. It is a collection of broad-leaved and coniferous trees and bushes that are able to survive in Finland. This also helps to conserve the genome of these species.

The arboretum is located in a forest setting. It is home to more than 200 different kinds of trees and bushes. The original inhabitants of the forest – pine trees more than 350 years old – are also worth admiring and protecting.

Kuusialue 13 6 2010 Eeva-Maria Tuhkanen
Photo: Eeva-Maria Tuhkanen / Luke

The arboretum has provided a testing site for the breeding of Finnish rhododendrons. More than 3,000 seedlings of rhododendrons have been planted in the area. Rhododendrons are in bloom from the end of May until midsummer. The arboretum also features varieties of Finnish rhododendrons bred for commercial purposes.

The arboretum gained official status as a protector of plant genetic resources when Finland’s national plant genetic resource programme was established in 2003. The objective of the programme is to conserve the genome of valuable agricultural and horticultural plants. Most horticultural plants are conserved by natural reproduction in fields, but some plants require a shadier habitat with different soil conditions. The arboretum provides such a habitat.

Conservation of the valuable genetic resources of plants is ensured for future generations, to enable breeding and use. It provides information on the characteristics, success and alternative uses of plants for horticultural and landscaping experts, students and gardening enthusiasts, as well as other hobbyists.

The arboretum also acts as a tourist and recreational destination. Educational institutions take students there on excursions. The arboretum has marked trails and signs with information about the plants. It is open to the public between 8.00 am and 3.00 pm on weekdays, from 15 May to 15 September.

Address: Toivonlinnantie 518, Piikkiö, Finland

Photo on top of the page: Sirkka Juhanoja / Luke