The Arboretum Apukka, a botanical garden is located in Rovaniemi, approximately seven kilometres to the north of the Arctic Circle. Apukka has a long history of developing plant production in the extreme conditions of the north.

Arboretum Apukka showcases cultivated species, varieties and origins of ornamental plants that are hardy in Northern Finland, as well as wild plants used in natural product business. Information is also available on how plants can be used in natural landscaping, and as food, utensils and natural remedies.

Photo: Jouni Hyvärinen / Luke

Arboretum Apukka boasts almost 200 woody ornamental plant species and varieties. In addition, there are several perennials, meadow plants and wild herbs. Apukka also acts as a genetic resource and parent plant collection of woody ornamental plants and cultivated natural herbs. The Natural Resources Institute Finland uses the arboretum for winter hardiness testing for its genetic resource programme.

The Arboretum Apukka has been used in the environmental education of school children, in the horticultural and natural product studies of educational institutions in the field of natural resources, in the provision of green care services, in monitoring the success of new species of ornamental plants, and in piloting new landscaping practices.

Address: Sodankyläntie 1571, Rovaniemi, Finland


Photo on top of the page: Jouni Hyvärinen / Luke