In Finland, about 71 million eggs are produced annually and about 117 million kilogrammes of poultry meat. The majority of the said production is consumed in Finland. In 2014, the self-sufficiency rate for poultry meat was nearly 90 per cent and for eggs more than 110 per cent.

There are about 400 poultry farms in Finland. The production of poultry meat is concentrated near slaughterhouses in Southwest Finland, Satakunta, Southern Ostrobothnia and Pirkanmaa. Eggs are produced throughout Finland.

Various kinds of new rearing methods have been adopted in Finland, alongside regular and organic production, such as free-range eggs and turkey. The production of organic poultry meat is also starting to pick up slowly after a long break.

Healthier birds through research

Luke’s poultry research is focused in particular on improving the health and well-being of birds, using new feed ingredients and increasing automation on farms.

Feeding experiments examine how the use of feed nutrients can be made more efficient with feeding-related methods. With the help of measurements and video monitoring, the growth of birds, production results, product quality, well-being and behaviour can be monitored.

Based on research results, the health of birds can be improved, production can be increased, and new methods, ways of working or feed ingredients can be taken into use.