In Finland, farm structures have changed quickly during the EU period, and the number of farms has fallen by 41 per cent in the period 1995–2014. The size of agricultural basic production companies is increasing, and the number of other multi-sectoral small companies is increasing. Price volatility in the market of agricultural products has increased significantly.

It is more and more important to monitor changes in the operating environment.

Research in cooperation with entrepreneurs and advisory sector

The Natural Resources Institute Finland surveys and analyses the development needs of companies’ business operations. At the same time, key drivers and changes in the operating environment are examined in the market and in politics, for example.

The economy and production of farms is developed with the help of research. The changing needs of society and consumers as well as the policy that steers business operations are taken into consideration more extensively. In order to support decision-making on farms and in multi-sectoral companies, tools are also developed that are analytical but also easy to use and interpret.