Agriculture is supported and regulated in all EU countries to safeguard food production. Agriculture and food production must constantly enhance the efficiency of operations and adapt to changes in the market, prices and demand.

Moreover, a wide range of objectives has been specified for agriculture, related to, for instance, water protection, greenhouse gas emissions, biodiversity and the well being of farm animals. The meeting of these objectives largely depends on whether policy controls work in the desired manner in changing circumstances.

Research in agricultural policy examines the impacts of markets and public policy on agriculture and food economy, and social well being. Luke produces new analysed data about the effects of policy measures in support of decision-making in the agricultural and food sector, as well as reasoned views on the development and future state of agriculture and the food industry in view of various market and policy scenarios.

Good decisions are based on scientific knowledge

To support decision-making, Luke produces assessments of further developments, the effects of alternative measures and the sensitivity of the impacts with regard to the steering methods and external factors used. Luke provides policy recommendations and solutions to problems, such as how to promote the viability of agriculture alongside environmental sustainability.

Luke develops and maintains strong factual and methodical expertise in the research sector. For example, the modelling of the food chain from food production to consumption and side streams is an important tool for research.