The ethicality and responsibility of Natural Resources Institute Finland’s (Luke) operations are guided by a code of conduct and by Luke’s general values. These principles and values form the foundation of our operations. Luke´s Code of conduct is now published here.

Among other things, the code of con duct helps us make the right decisions and identify unwanted ties. The code of conduct describes the ethical principles that we follow in our operations and in our treatment of our staff, partners and customers.

Luke’s research and expert activities aim at sustainable development, based on sustainable use of natural resources. Luke’s customers − companies, decision-makers, citizens and the scientific community − expect us to be unbiased, independent, responsible and reliable in all our operations.

We want to be worthy of their trust. In our operations, we rely on exemplary scientific practices and a solid scientific foundation.

Supported by Luke’s internal guidelines and practices, our code of conduct promotes an open operating culture. We are committed to following these principles in our work; to constantly improving our operations; and to monitoring the nature of these operations to ensure that they are ethical and responsible.