In accordance with Luke’s strategy, we use research to create wellbeing and a sustainable future from renewable natural resources. Our research produces value and solutions to our customers – locally and globally. We develop our operations and operating models continuously and monitor the quality, responsibility and ethics of our operations.

In addition to the strategy, Luke’s work and activities are governed by our Code of Conduct and our values. The Code of Conduct outlines the ethical principles according to which everyone at Luke works. The Code of Conduct thus forms a foundation for all Luke’s operations and describes how we work and treat our personnel, partners and customers. As a research institute, it is extremely important to us that our work is of high quality, ambitious and reliable. Ethical standards of research, the neutrality of research and responsibility are the cornerstones of everything we do.

The principles of the Code of Conduct help us in our everyday work to identify the correct ways to act and to prevent any harmful practices. At Luke, we are firmly committed to acting according to these principles. The Code of Conduct applies to us all, and we expect that not only we but also our partners observe it.