Melak Weldenegodguad

Research Scientist





Myllytie 1, 31600 Jokioinen


My work focuses on bioinformatics, computational biology and statistical analyses of Next-Generation-Sequence data sets in domestic cattle, domesticated and semi-domesticated reindeer. Currently I am using bioinformatics and population genomics approach to the following data sets: 1) Whole-genome sequence data of domestic cattle (Bos taurus). 2) Transcriptome (RNA-seq) sequences of cattle (bos taurus) and reindeer (rangifer tarandus). 3) De novo reference genome of semi-domesticated reindeer (rangifer tarandus). 4) Whole-genome sequence data of 23 semi-domesticated and wild reindeer. 5) Partial genome sequences of ancient cattle in Finland. 6) Illumina’s Bovine 50K SNP and Ovine 700K SNP BeadChips. Key words: Bioinformatics, Whole genome sequencing, Data science, animal genomics, population genomics, transcriptomics, paleogenomics.